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Here we are…

Welcome to the “Insider’s Spain” blog! My name is Jorge Arnanz, Social Media Manager at Madrid & Beyond and I, together with the rest of the M&B Team, will be in charge of the posts on this blog. First of all, I would like to ask you (our readers) to please disregard any mistakes or misspellings, since English is not my first language…

This blog won’t be a corporate tool created by Madrid & Beyond to sell our company. We aim to offer to our readers some very useful first-hand information on Spain, written by us, as specialists on this wonderful country… That is why we thought the name “Insider’s Spain” would be perfect for our blog.

What would you find on this blog? Our idea is to create our own content which, as mentioned above, will consist on useful information to our readers (mainly people with a genuine interest on Spain). We plan to post these contents twice or three times a month and we aim to become a source for those seeking information about the “authentic Spain”.

I love Spain

We will talk about the different destinations, activities, etc. we consider as “a must” when visiting Spain; we will publish interviews with our PEOPLE, which will provide the readers with an insider’s perspective on different aspects about Spain; we will post articles with our opinion on current news about Spain and articles about events, festivals… of interest; AND MUCH MORE!!!

Finally, we would like to ask our readers for some interaction. We would love to read your comments, your suggestions on how to improve the blog, your requests for specific topics, etc. We consider that a blog should not be a “one direction” platform, where we write and you read… your feedback would be essential and much appreciated!

Thank you very much for reading/following us and we hope you enjoy our blog!!!